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David Shrigley Print, UNTITLED ‘FISH SAYS'

Framed art print by David Shrigley - Ready to ship


Size: 910(w)x1130(h)mm.

This provocative and daring framed print by David Shrigley, titled "Fish Says", is a testament to the artist's ability to combine bold visuals with sharp wit. The print features a large, solitary red fish, depicted with Shrigley's distinctive blend of playful abstraction and flat color fields, occupying a generous portion of the canvas. Its simplicity is striking, and its bold stance is accented by the caption "FISH SAYS", followed by a cheeky and irreverent phrase that subverts expectations and invites varied interpretations about voice and dissent.

The print is grandly framed in an over-the-top gold ornate frame, which contrasts with the modern artistry of Shrigley's work, providing an opulent border to the contemporary piece. This elaborate frame choice adds a layer of irony and extravagance, further emphasizing the artwork's sardonic nature.

Complementing the fish's rich hue, the double matte board features an inner matte with a v-groove that is strikingly red, echoing the primary color of the artwork while adding depth and focus to the image. This thoughtful color coordination and the layering of mattes amplify the visual impact of the piece, creating a luxurious display.

Shrigley's print is a conversation piece par excellence, ready to bring a bold statement to any room that it graces. Ideal for spaces that revel in the unexpected, this artwork is perfect for the collector who enjoys art with humor, depth, and a touch of rebellious spirit. Whether displayed in a home, office, or gallery, it will not only draw the eye but also provoke thought and conversation.