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Framed art print by David Shrigley - Ready to ship


Size: 840(w)x1040(h)mm

Infuse your space with the uniquely charming essence of David Shrigley's art with the "Sorry For Being Annoying" framed print. This piece offers a humorous and self-aware glance into the world of nature's small, yet impactful creatures. The central figure, a boldly depicted Bee with striking yellow and black stripes, comes to life on the canvas, complete with translucent wings and a characterful expression that's sure to evoke a smile.

Below the Bee, Shrigley's iconic humor shines through the handwritten text that reads, "SORRY FOR BEING 'ANNOYING' IT IS HARD FOR ME TO BE OTHERWISE". This lighthearted apology from the often misunderstood insect adds a layer of wit and empathy to the artwork, inviting viewers to find humor in the everyday and perhaps a bit of self-reflection.

The print is thoughtfully presented in a mottled aged wood grain frame, which perfectly complements the art's playful yet rustic vibe. The natural patterns and textures of the frame echo the organic subject matter, while the matte board surrounds the print in a subtle embrace, ensuring the art remains the center of attention.